Dr Liam Fox: EU referendum now 'would be a huge error with great tactical risks'

Former defence secretary Dr Liam Fox has said that the UK should leave the European Union unless there is a rebalancing of their relationship.

But while he supports a referendum on the relationship, he does not think one should be held now.

He said:

"There are those including a growing number of my parliamentary colleagues who call for a simple in or out referendum to be held in Britain soon.

"I too believe that a referendum will be vital. But I believe that having one now would be a huge error with great tactical risks.

"It is not a coincidence that some very convinced euro enthusiasts support such referendum calls confident that a scare campaign based on false fears of political and economical isolation would win the day.

"Instead I would like to see Britain negotiate a new relationship with the EU based on economic rather than political considerations and set out in clear and unambiguous language."

– Former Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox