Eurosceptic Tory MP: Bid for EU referendum 'gaining momentum'

Eurosceptic Conservative backbencher Peter Bone has welcomed Liam Fox's comments, which he said showed the process of obtaining a referendum on the EU was "gaining momentum at enormous speed"

Mr Bone told Sky News:

I think people are coming round to the idea that we should have a referendum in the next parliament, but we should legislate now, in this parliament, for that referendum, so that no party leader could wriggle out of it.

A lot of people think that the next government should renegotiate the terms with Brussels so we just have an economic relationship, and then put that to the British people - either we accept the new terms or we leave.

I think that's what many, many Conservatives now think should be done and what we would like the Prime Minister to say very clearly.

– Conservative MP Peter Bone