Former Met Police chief: 'Have a criminal inquiry into the banking sector'

Lord Ian Blair, the former head of the Metropolitan Police and an independent crossbench peer, said today that evidence given to a judicial inquiry was given on a "completely different basis" to evidence given in court or to a parliamentary inquiry.

Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Ian Blair Credit: PA Wire

It follows a Parliamentary dispute over an inquiry into the bank rate-rigging scandal. Lord Blair said: "What I don't understand is the sense there needs to be any dispute between the two sides of the House.

"Have a criminal inquiry, have Tyrie and have a judge-led inquiry into the ultimate circumstances of the way the banking culture has taken over parts of our society."


Deep division over bank inquiry

Labour leader Ed Miliband has stepped up demands for a full judicial inquiry into the banking scandal, warning the public is in no mood for an "establishment cover-up". The Government wants a rapid, cross-party inquiry by MPs and peers.