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Ian Tomlinson verdict expected

A jury is set to reach a verdict on whether Pc Simon Harwood is guilty of killing the newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests in London in 2009. Pc Harewood has denied the charge of manslaughter.

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PC Simon Harwood: I was wrong to hit Ian Tomlinson

PC Simon Harwood said he was "wrong" to have hit Ian Tomlinson Credit: RE

The police officer accused of the manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson said today he now accepts that he was "wrong" to have hit and pushed him.

PC Simon Harwood told Southwark Crown Court, if he had realised Mr Tomlinson was walking away from police lines at the time he "would not have gone near him".

Harwood hit Mr Tomlinson with a baton and pushed him to the ground during the G20 protests in the City of London in April 2009.

The father-of-nine walked 75 yards before he collapsed and later died.

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