Alzheimer's Society: Government's 'empty promise'

Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society, accused the Government of an "empty promise".

He said: "People with dementia and their carers are being forced to pay a dementia tax of tens of thousands of pounds a year for essential care and support.

"To them and thousands of other vulnerable people, an agreement in principle to a cap on care costs is meaningless.

"This empty promise also ignores the separate problem of underfunding of care as a whole. Some people are struggling with no care and no assets - for them, a cap on costs is useless.

"Further bickering between politicians will be a catastrophic failure of political leadership as families continue to struggle to care for people with severe disabilities.

"It is time for all parties to commit to a real public discussion about how we pay for the costs of care and make the costs for families fair. We cannot afford to delay any longer."


Delay over elderly care cash

Decisions on how to fund long-term care for the elderly will not be taken for up to two years, the Government admitted, amid Labour accusations that it had abandoned cross-party talks.