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Rising costs 'blow to families'

Families have been hit by soaring transport and childcare costs, leaving them with a 'monumental' task of trying to earn enough to get by, according to a new report.

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How much should you earn to make a decent living?

Twenty-one detailed focus groups with ordinary people from different kinds of household (such as families with children, pensioners and single people) had detailed discussions about the necessary elements of a household budget for each family type.

Families should have an adequate diet and meet basic needs Credit: Julien Behal/PA Wire

Experts looked at these budgets to ensure that they provided an adequate diet and met basic needs like keeping a home warm. On this basis the weekly minimum budget:

• For a couple with two children is £454.52 (benefits provide 60% of this amount)

• For a pensioner couple is £231.48, provided entirely by Pension Credit

• For a lone parent with one child is £275.59 (benefits provide 60% of this amount)

• For a single working-age person is £192.59 (benefits provide 40% of this amount)

Hourly wages needed for a minimum income standard: £8.38 for a single person, £9.39 for a couple with two children and £12.20 for a lone parent with one child.

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