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Kenya torture claims ruling due

Three victims of torture during the Mau Mau uprising will learn today whether their compensation claims against the British Government can proceed.

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Kenyan torture victim still bear the scars

Mr Nyingi, 84, said he was arrested on Christmas Eve 1952 and detained for about nine years.

During that time, he was beaten unconscious in an incident in 1959 at Hola camp in which 11 men were clubbed to death.

He says he still bears marks from leg manacles, whipping and caning.

When I was released I would have nightmares about three times a week. I would dream about the murder of people at Hola. These nightmares continued for about four years.

When people talk about the Mau Mau or the colonial era I think about the terrible events I lived through. When these thoughts are triggered I get so sad and stressed about what happened that I develop a headache and I cannot work.

I feel I was robbed of my youth and that I did not get to do the things I should have done as a young man.

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