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Pc cleared of G20 protest death

Pc Simon Harwood has been cleared of killing newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests in 2009. Tomlinson's family have said they will launch a civil prosecution against Harwood.

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Solicitor: 'Tomlinson family not given up on justice'

This is one of the hardest days for the family, and there have been many.

The morning an officer told them Ian was dead, the day they first saw that video, the day an investigator said it might be a protester in a policeman's uniform, the day the pathologist changed his evidence about finding three litres of blood, the day the CPS said they wouldn't charge the officer with any offence.

Pc Harwood may have been acquitted of manslaughter by this jury, but another jury, at the inquest a year ago, found that Ian Tomlinson had been unlawfully killed. It is impossible for this family to understand these two, apparently contradictory, verdicts.

Ian Tomlinson's family have not given up on justice. They will now look to the civil courts to reconcile these verdicts, deliver justice and formally answer the question 'Who killed Ian Tomlinson?'

– Jules Carey, solicitor for Ian Tomlinson's family

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