British troops on standby will get 'best possible accommodation'

A military commander says troops on standby to provide Olympic security will get the best possible accommodation. General Sir Nick Parker wants soldiers to feel valued so they can do their job properly. There were reports of some personnel using showers in local leisure facilities.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond speaks to troops during a visit to the temporary Army barracks in east London Credit: PA Wire

Today, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond was given a tour of the facilities in east London. He said:

"This is a sound, solid building and the military enablers who have been here since the beginning of the week have done a fantastic job of installing wi-fi and communications.

They are now building the leisure facilities that the troops will have access to. They have field kitchens in here, there is a 24-hour catering operation running and the guys who are here will be comfortable.

It's basic accommodation but it's the kind of accommodation they will be well used to because of their tours of duty in Afghanistan."