Scottish police to replace G4S in Glasgow

A Scottish police force is taking over responsibility for Olympic security from G4S amid the continuing debacle over staff shortages.

The chief constable of Strathclyde Police said today he will take primary responsibility for security within Glasgow venues, including Hampden Park Stadium.

Olympic staff position Olympic Signage billboards at Hampden Park, Glasgow Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Labour MP for Glasgow East Margaret Curran said:

"Given G4S's significant failures, this is a sensible decision. The priority must be the safety of athletes and audiences, but it is critical that this does not impact on Strathclyde Police's ability to deal with other emergencies and ongoing operations.

"The costs should be recouped from the Home Office or, preferably, G4S itself. It's essential that no more contracts are awarded to G4S until a full review of this fiasco is carried out."