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Cash in hand 'morally wrong'

Exchequer Secretary David Gauke has said that home-owners who accept a discount and pay workers cash in hand, are guilty of helping them avoid tax and has called the practise 'morally wrong.'

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Cash in hand 'morally wrong': Your reaction

We asked if you agreed with Treasury minister David Gauke saying that paying cash in hand for work was 'morally wrong.'

Here are some of the comments we received, you can add your own on our Facebook page.

  • David Brett: How on earth can MP's say such a thing after the expenses fiasco!
  • Richard Wilkes: No it's not. If it saves me some cash then fine. If your talking about morals let's talk about expenses for MP
  • Sarah Davies: At least they are working. Shouldn't the government concentrate on those that don't?
  • Dan Stapley: Of course it is wrong, but in todays financial climate, can you really blame people for accepting it.
  • Karl Stafford My money has already been taxed to the hilt when I use it to pay a tradesman why shouldn't I get the job done cheaper if I pay cash times are hard I need to get things cheaper to survive

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