1. ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies

Destructive battle for Aleppo continues

The latest report from Aleppo comes from a young student, 'Johnny', who told ITV News the city is much quieter now after a night of fierce fighting between government forces and the Free Syrian Army which controls large areas.

A woman walks through rubble from a building destroyed by shelling from forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in downtown Aleppo Credit: Reuters

He watched Government jets bombing the Salah al-Din district which also came under heavy shelling.Most civilians have fled the area but worryingly this eye witness said some shells were falling on neighbouring suburbs where hundreds of families are taking shelter.

He says he was able to tour the city today and saw Assad's army still in control of the city centre but the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was openly patrolling several suburbs. Every sign the destructive battle for Aleppo going to drag on.