Lord Rennard: Clegg acted to 'redress the balance'

Former Liberal Democrat chief executive Lord Rennard said Nick Clegg has acted "swiftly and decisively, even ruthlessly" to "redress the balance" within the coalition government.


@nick_clegg right to have fought for more democracy, right to recognise that Tory MPs blocked deal and Labour wouldn't support reform.


@nick_clegg rIght not to let Tories have what they want from coalition on boundaries if they can't stick to 'contract' on democracy in Lords


@nick_clegg right to say Parliament's check on Govt power would be weakened if cut in MPs went ahead without Lords legitimacy strengthened.


Clegg: 'Coalition contract broken'

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today accused the Tories of breaking the coalition agreement by not proceeding with House of Lords reform and said his party would be withdrawing support for constituency boundary changes in return.