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First HD pictures from Mars

Nasa has released the first high-definition colour pictures of Mars sent back to Earth by the Curiosity rover. Curiosity beamed back a recorded voice message from the red planet.

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Obama on Curiosity on Mars: 'It's mind boggling'

President Barack Obama has congratulated the NASA scientists who put rover Curiosity on Mars saying, "It's really mind boggling what you've done."

Obama congratulated the scientists who put Curiosity on Mars Credit: Reuters

In a phone call, the president also joked, "If you make contact with Martians, let me know right away."

Obama's praise comes a week after Curiosity landed on Mars. Over the next few years the rover will investigate the mountain's lower layers, which scientists think hold clues about possible past life.

Curiosity landed on Mars last week Credit: ASA/JPL-Caltech

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