How the planned rail fare hikes will hit your wallet

It is likely that rail fares will rise by an average of 6.2% in England next year, but a degree of flexibility about how train companies apply this hike means that your ticket price could rise by as much as 11.2%. Here's how a 6.2% rise would affect some season tickets:

  • Reading to London - £3,800 up to £4,036
  • Edinburgh to Glasgow - £3,380 up to £3,590
  • Preston to Manchester - £2,496 up to £2,651
  • Northampton to London - £4,756 up to £5,051
  • Brighton to London - £4,020 up to £4,269
  • York to Leeds - £1,972 up to £2,094


Rail fares set to rise by 6.2%

Commuters in England face 6.2% rise in average train fares after a shock increase in the Retail Prices Index measure of inflation. Cars, air fares, clothing and housing are being blamed for the surprise rise in the Consumer Prices Index of inflation.