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Plastic surgery rules rethink

A major review is being launched into cosmetic surgery in Britain following the PIP breast implant scandal. Author, NHS medical director, Sir Bruce Keogh says too many people are unaware that such procedures can have lifelong implications.

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Tough rules to stop rogue cosmetic surgery clinics

NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh, who will lead the inquiry into cosmetic surgery, will recommend tighter rules in several key areas;

  • Making it routine practice for surgeons to register all devices - from breast implants to hip replacements - on a detailed register that could be used to detect trends and trace individual patients.
  • Requiring clinics to join a scheme, similar to that run by the travel industry, that would offer patients protection if a company went bust.
  • tightening the rules on anti-ageing dermal fillers, which require only basic safety checks and can legally be injected by anyone.
  • Introducing minimum training requirements for surgeons carrying out cosmetic procedures.

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