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Nicklinson denied right to die

Two victims of locked-in syndrome, including Tony Nicklinson, have lost their High Court battles for the right to end their lives when they are ready with medical help.

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Lawyer: 'Brave Nicklinson case needs public support for law to be changed'

Lawyer Yogi Amin, from Irwin Mitchell, said it was up to Parliament to decide the next steps. He said that, "the law on this sensitive and emotive issue is very clear at present - physician-assisted suicide is unlawful."

He added:

This brave attempt at changing the law requires some real public support before the law develops in this respect.

My thoughts are with the family as what they are going through must be a terribly hard situation to deal with.

The pro-lifers argue that 'sanctity of life' as a principle should not be watered down and that to create an exemption in this case may lead to a slippery slope - opening the door to many other classes of cases seeking such an exemption.

This shines a light on the tensions that exist between judge-made law and Parliament, both of which play a key role in our country's unique constitution.

It is clear that there is still plenty to be decided on this law, but the courts have now made it clear that it is for Parliament to decide the next steps.

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