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Nicklinson denied right to die

Two victims of locked-in syndrome, including Tony Nicklinson, have lost their High Court battles for the right to end their lives when they are ready with medical help.

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Nicklinson 'devastated' after losing right-to-die appeal

Tony Nicklinson is distraught after losing his High Court battle for a doctor to end his life, legally, at a time of his choosing.

ITV News's Emily Morgan was with the family when they heard the news. He signalled that the news was "devasting". He communicates via his wife and a series of blinks.

The judges ruled that, however understandable the motives may be, any change to the law on assisted dying was a matter for Parliament and not the courts..

Mr Nicklinson describes his life as "pure torture - undignified and intolerable". He was left paralysed below the neck by a stroke.

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