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Nicklinson denied right to die

Two victims of locked-in syndrome, including Tony Nicklinson, have lost their High Court battles for the right to end their lives when they are ready with medical help.

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Pro-life campaigners welcome Nicklinson ruling

Pro-life campaigners have welcomed the judges' decision to reject the challenge by two locked-in syndrome sufferers for the legal right to end their life with the help of a doctor.

We welcome the High Court's ruling and we question whether those who have encouraged Mr Nicklinson and 'Martin' to pursue this legal action have the best interests of disabled people at heart.

To legalise killing of those who are suffering would adversely affect many, many people.

We believe that Mr Nicklinson and 'Martin' have lives of equal value to any other member of society.

We urge those around them to rise to the challenge of helping them realise their value and overcome their sense of hopelessness.

We trust that today's judgement will help end the insidious campaign in the British courts to change the law on assisted suicide and euthanasia.

– Paul Tully, general secretary of SPUC Pro-Life

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