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A-level A grades down

The proportion of A-levels scoring at least an A grade has fallen for the first time in more than 20 years, official figures showed today.

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South east scores high A-level grades

Nearly a quarter of the A* grades achieved this year went to pupils in the South East.

Statistics show that pupils in this region are gaining more than their share of the highest grades.

The South East has 19% of A-level entries, but accounts for 23% of A* grades given out, according to this year's A-level results.

London for example has 15% of entries but has achieved 17% of top grades, while the Eastern region has 12% of A-level entries and 13% of A*s awarded.

In contrast The South West was responsible for 10% of A-level A*s and 10% of entries.

Other parts of England had a smaller proportion of top grades compared to the number of entries.

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