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Party throws out Bo Xilai

China's ruling Communist Party has expelled disgraced senior politician Bo Xilai from the party. He will also face criminal charges.

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Reports: Gu Kailai will not appeal suspended death sentence

Speaking after Gu Kailai's sentence, court official Tang Yigan said that Gu and family aide, Zhang Xiaojun, had told the court they would not appeal their sentences.

Tang said Gu told the court that the verdict was "fair and it shows special respect for the law, reality and life."

He also said that the court had considered Gu's testimony against others, her confession and repentance, and her "psychological impairment" as mitigating factors in sentencing.

But he said it rejected claims that Heywood's threats had prompted the crime, saying there was no evidence he intended to make good on them.

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