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Scott cancer rumour denied

The widow of British film director Tony Scott has denied reports that her husband had inoperable brain cancer, according to Hollywood website TMZ.

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Scott will be 'remembered as one of the ultimate action directors'

Film critic James King said the industry had been left in shock by Scott's death, adding that the director would be remembered for his "edge-of-your-seat thrillers".

He told Sky News:

Go buy his films, watch his films, and you'll see an incredibly confident director, so for that person to have taken their own life just seems utterly bizarre.

I think he'll be remembered as one of the ultimate action directors. He wasn't ashamed by that.

Maybe some critics had a go at him because his films weren't intellectually challenging. But when they looked as good as they did, who cares? They were incredibly stylish.

He trained in fine art, he was an artist.

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