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Trust in Osborne at record low

Public trust in the Chancellor is at its lowest since polling on the issue for the ITV News Index by ComRes began in October 2010. Only 16% of voters questioned had faith in him. It comes as public sector net borrowing increased by £600m in July

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Slightly greater voter faith in Labour to sort the economy

Voters have greater faith in Ed Miliband and Ed Balls to handle the economy, according to the latest ITV News Index poll Credit: PA Wire

Voters appear to have slightly greater faith in Labour to see Britain through the current economic situation, according to the ITV News Index carried out by ComRes.

21% have faith in leader Ed Miliband, up 2% from last month - but on the same level as October 2010.

That compares to 17% for shadow chancellor Ed Balls, up one percentage point from July. He was on 14% when he took over from Alan Johnson in January 2011.

But 57% of voters do not have faith in Mr Miliband to deal with the economy, down 3% on last month. 59% of those questioned felt similarly about Mr Balls.

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