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Energy bills to go up by 9%

Britain's second largest energy firm SSE has said it will increase gas and elecricity tariffs by an average of 9% in October. It is blaming price increases in wholesale markets, as well as rising costs of using the National Grid network.

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SSE customers 'disgusted' by price hikes

SSE customers have told ITV News on our Facebook page that they are "disgusted" by the energy company's plans to increase tariffs by an average of 9%.

Robert Nicholas: "Totally disgusting to be honest. I am supposed to be on a fixed price till 2014 hope they do not up my bills!!!"

Mark O'Neill: "Extortionate at a time when people are already struggling. Should be CUTTING their rates by 9%."

Linda Keeler: "Oh great. Less money for food again. They only just held/cut tarriffs too. How can they justify 9% that's 3 times higher than inflation (4 times higher than my Benefits Increase each year).

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