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Energy bills to go up by 9%

Britain's second largest energy firm SSE has said it will increase gas and elecricity tariffs by an average of 9% in October. It is blaming price increases in wholesale markets, as well as rising costs of using the National Grid network.

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  1. Alex Forrest

SSE 'misleading' public by blaming energy efficiency measures for hikes

The Government is clearly irritated that SSE is blaming energy efficiency measures for part of the rise in their tarfis. One source tells me it is "misleading".

A source at the Department of Energy and Climate Change says part of the problem is that SSE has been slow in fulfilling its obligations, for example to cut carbon emissions, so it is paying the price now.

And the Government is very keen to stress it is the cost of wholesale energy that has really has pushed up the price - something over which they have no control.

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