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Nicklinsons continue legal fight

The family of the late right-to-die campaigner Tony Nicklinson have revealed the latest stage in their fight for assisted suicide to be made legal.

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Tony Nicklinson's death will make people 'think long and hard'

Dr Antony Lempert, the chairman of the Secular Medical Forum which campaigns against religious influences in medical treatment, has said that Tony Nicklinson will leave a fitting legacy:

Many people do not regard life as sacrosanct but as a brief interlude to be lived as well as possible. When Tony could no longer live well, or even passably, he wanted to die.

In the event, he is no longer suffering but the manner of his death should leave those who would argue against assisted dying in all cases to think long and hard about their own moral compass.

– Dr Antony Lempert, Secular Medical Forum

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