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Murdoch press freedom warning

Elisabeth Murdoch became the third member of her family to give the celebrated MacTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. In the speech she warned of the threat to Press freedom from "enemies within".

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Elisabeth Murdoch attacks brother's profit pitch in TV speech

Elisabeth Murdoch, the daughter of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, has distanced herself from her brother James as she warned of the dangers of unethical profiteering during her landmark speech to television executives in Edinburgh.

Ms Murdoch, who founded the production company that boasts MasterChef and Merlin within its output, quoted from her brother's 2009 MacTaggart lecture in which he said profit was the only "reliable and perpetual guarantor of independence".

The reason his statement sat so uncomfortably is that profit without purpose is a recipe for disaster. [The industry and] global society [need to] reject the idea that money is the only effective measure of all things or that the free market is the only sorting mechanism.

– Elisabeth Murdoch

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