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Heathrow 'needs 3rd runway'

Capacity constraints at Heathrow Airport are restricting growth, according to a new report by MPs which calls for the Government to reverse its position and support a new runway. MP Tim Yeo challenged the PM on the issue yesterday.

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Boris: 'Totally wrong' to expand Heathrow

On aviation, I've made it clear many times, I don't think Heathrow represents the answer. I think the Prime Minister understands that. I think it would be totally wrong to expand an airport slap-bang in the middle of London's western suburbs.

It would have very damaging environmental effects and even if you were to put in a third runway it would rapidly run out of usefulness.

It would not serve London's needs in the long term. You need a bolder solution and that's the one that we're advocating.

– Boris Johnson, London Mayor

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