Fisherman's 'lucky' escape after shark encounter

A fisherman had a "lucky" escape after a shark clamped its jaws around his foot and bit a hole in his boat.

The 7ft porbeagle - which is a member of the Great White family - took hold of Hamish Currie's steel toe-capped boot after his crew caught it and hauled it on to the deck of their vessel last week. Mr Currie, 53, eventually freed himself with the help of one of his crew.

The boat's skipper targeted the shark after hearing reports of it attacking seals off Islay in the Inner Hebrides.

Mr Currie said: "This one was a bad, bad fish. He was nasty and got me by the foot. Luckily I was wearing steel toe-capped boots. I just couldn't shake him off, but eventually one of my crew managed to help me free. It was quite terrifying."

He added: "I was very lucky this time. It has definitely made me a little bit more wary of them."