3/4 supermarket shoppers 'misled' by confusing prices

Graphic showing 74% of shoppers feel misled by supermarkets
Three-quarters of shoppers feel misled by supermarket pricing policies Credit: Daybreak

The report by consumer company Which says that supermarkets are 'misleading' customers about their prices. It states that unit pricing is not clear enough making it difficult for consumers to compare prices.

Supermarket shopping basket
Shoppers say their weekly supermarket bills have gone up Credit: Julien Behal/PA Wire

Almost a quarter shoppers stated that they thought the reason for the increase in their weekly shopping bill was due to unclear pricing in supermarkets.

Morrisons has said it will take steps to create a clearer pricing strategy while Sainsbury's has also announced that it will trial a new labelling format, which will include clearer unit pricing.


Supermarket prices 'misleading'

Almost three-quarters of consumers believe supermarkets are trying to mislead them by using confusing pricing practices, a watchdog has found.