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Supermarket prices 'misleading'

Almost three-quarters of consumers believe supermarkets are trying to mislead them by using confusing pricing practices, a watchdog has found.

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Your views on 'misleading' supermarket prices

On the ITV News Facebook page we have been asking what you think about 'misleading' supermarket prices. Are their policies making your weekly shop more expensive? Here are some of your views:

I don't think they are as clear as they could be but I never have any problem. At ASDA they have all the information you need on llable on the shelf. It says how much you get, per kg usually. If you know basic maths you can figure out what your buying is rightly priced.

– Lauren Clegg

You really have to watch every price, as some rise massively while others are cut

– Melica Patmore

Prices in supermarkets change too often. One day i bought Volvic in Sainsburys for 59p, the next day it was 65p.

– Silvia Hrvojevic

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