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Poll: Paralympics legacy 'mixed'

Only just half of people surveyed think attitudes towards disabled people will change after the Paralympics, according to a survey carried out ComRes for ITV News. But 65% thought negative stereotypes would be reduced as a result.

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56% believe discrimination will fall following the Paralympic Games

More than half of the public believe that discrimination will fall following the Paralympic Games.

An exclusive poll by ITV News andComRes, looking into the legacy of the games, found that 56% think there will be change.

Marc Bush from the disability charity SCOPE told ITV News: “Before the Games started, disabled people wanted the Paralympics to really have a lasting effect on people’s attitudes.

"We have seen an unprecedented visbility. We have seen disablity in a papers, on our radio and on TV.

"The disabled people we have spoken to have felt that there is a changing wind. But there is a lot more to do because we need this momentum to continue after the games."

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