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Richard III search exhibition

King Richard III will be brought to life in two new exhibitions, following the discovery of the monarch's remains, under a council car park. 'Leicester's Search for a King' chronicles the search and excavation of his body.

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'Dramatic new turn' in search for King Richard III

The University of Leicester have announced the discovery of human remains in the Abbey where it is believed that Richard III was buried, more details of the find will be announced later today.

What we have uncovered is truly remarkable and today we will be announcing to the world that the search for King Richard III has taken a dramatic new turn.

– Richard Taylor, University of Leicester

This discovery adds a whole new dimension to a search which has already far exceeded our expectations. This is exciting news and I know that people across the world will be waiting to hear more about the University's find.

– Leicesters City Mayor Peter Soulsby

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