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Shooting survivor returns to UK

Surrey Police has told ITV News that Zainab al-Hilli, the seven-year-old British girl who was wounded in the Alps shootings in which her parents were killed "is returning to the UK" today. She has been in hospital being treated for a fractured skull.

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French prosecutor: Alps shootings investigation is 'complex'

France's state prosecutor Eric Maillaud spoke ahead of his visit to the UK today, to assist in the al-Hilli family shootings investigation in which three people were shot dead in the French Alps.

Mr Maillaud said there were three possible theories to explain the killings, as investigators wait to speak to the seven-year-old girl who survived the accident. Mr Maillaud told a press conference in the French city Annecy:

Today there are no suspects, but different theories, and I can tell you that in this very complex investigation, there are three possible theories.

There's the theory of a family conflict between the two brothers regarding a sum of money or inheritance. We have some elements concerning the financial conflict between the two brothers, but the brother in Britain denies this, he says he was on good terms with his brother.

We have the theory about the profession of Mr al-Halili and we have the theory about his origins in Iraq.

– Eric Maillaud, French prosecutor

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