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Editor resigns over Kate photos

The Editor of the Irish Daily Star has resigned following the controversial publication of the topless holiday photos of the Duchess of Cambridge

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Facebook reaction to publishing topless Kate pictures

At the ITV News Facebook page, we have been asking you whether it was right for a French magazine to publish topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge. Here are some of your views:

Just leave them alone. They have got their own life and need their privacy. The same with Prince Harry. They need to prosecute whoever took the photos.

– Gloria Welford

Any normal person going around topless on a beach might have to worry about an unwanted photographer, never mind Ms. Future Queen!

– Sean Reddan

Its disgusting the press and photographers to get pictures like this. Give people the privacy, I am sure they will have plenty to say about it. Leave them alone to enjoy their marriage.

– Diane Procter

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