Hammond: UK operations in Afghanistan 'unchanged'

British military operations in Afghanistan will continue "substantially unchanged", after an order changing the way international troops train and mentor home-grown security forces, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond told MPs today.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond speaks in the House of Commons. Credit: PA Wire

Mr Hammond said: "That means that the UK partnering and mentoring operations will continue substantially unchanged by this order.

"We have a strategic plan that takes us to the end of combat operations in 2014, while strengthening the ANSF to take over security responsibility from us. I have every confidence in the way COMISAF (the commander of ISAF) is executing that plan."


NATO scales back Afghan patrols

Joint patrols between NATO soldiers and Afghan forces are to be cut back. The move follows a string of deadly attacks where Afghanis have turned their weapons on their allies. The government insists there is no change in Government policy.