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NATO scales back Afghan patrols

Joint patrols between NATO soldiers and Afghan forces are to be cut back. The move follows a string of deadly attacks where Afghanis have turned their weapons on their allies. The government insists there is no change in Government policy.

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Labour MP: Our brave soldier lions are being led by ministerial donkeys

Labour MP Paul Flynn suspended from the House of Commons for five days after he accused ministers from the Ministry of Defence of lying. Mr Flynn said:

"The role of our brave soldiers at the moment is to act as human shields for ministers' reputation. The danger to our soldiers is being prolonged by those on that (front) bench who have the power to stop it.

Isn't this very similar to the end of the First World War, when it was said that politicians lied and soldiers died and the reality was, as it is now, that our brave soldier lions are being led by ministerial donkeys?"

Paul Flynn MP in the House of Commons today, before he was suspended. Credit: ITV News

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