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Queues as iPhone5 goes on sale

Apple users around the world have been queuing for the release of the iPhone5 - the company's latest smartphone. But the launch has not been without controversy as some users have cited inaccuracies in Apple's new mapping software.

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'Mad' atmosphere for UK's first iPhone 5 sale

An IT businessman from Kent who bought the first iPhone 5 in the UK described the experience as "absolutely mad".

Ryan Williams was first in a queue of hundreds who congregated outside Apple's store in Covent Garden waiting for the doors to open at 8am on Friday.

Apple store workers dressed in blue T-shirts formed a passageway and high-fived customers who had been waiting outside the shop for up to a week.

"I didn't expect that kind of entrance, I thought I was just queueing for a phone but it was absolutely mad," said Williams, who auctioned off the phone for a cancer charity.

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