What will British aid achieve in Syria?

The announcement of an extra £8 million in British aid to Syria brings the total amount to date to £38.5 million.

According to the Department for International Development, it will help achieve the following aims:

  • Providing trauma support for 28,000 children
  • Assist UNICEF in reaching half a million refugees who have fled to neighbouring countries
  • Train 125 frontline workers to work directly with vulnerable children
  • Provide essential suppliesa further 2.5 million people as Syria's harsh winter approaches
  • Shoes, winter clothing, blankets, heaters, cookers and emergency shelters to help the 1.2 million people who have been made homeless


'Blood on UN hands' over Syria

The hands of the UN are stained with blood due to its failure to stop the atrocities of the Assad regime in Syria, Prime Minister David Cameron told the General Assembly today.