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Self-defence intruder ordeal

Vincent Cooke tell ITV1's Tonight programme how he was marched around his home at knife point by burglars. One of the intruders was killed, and Vincent was arrested on suspicion of murder.

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Grayling: Self-defence against intruders 'important issue'

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling told the "Tonight" programme that clarifying the law on self-defence against intruders is "an important issue".

Being confronted by an intruder in your own home is terrifying, which is why the public should be in no doubt that the law is on their side.

We have already taken steps to clarify the law in this area but this is an important issue; one I have taken a keen interest in and am looking into further, as a matter of urgency.

– Justice Secretary Chris Grayling

"Tonight - In Self-Defense" will air tonight at 7.30pm on ITV1.

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