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Spanish protests turn violent

Spanish protests over spending cuts and the country's woeful unemployment rate have turned violent when demonstrators in Madrid hurled stones towards police. Riot police were seen striking out at several protesters during the disturbances.

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  1. James Mates

Spain is facing a constitutional crisis

The Portuguese government had to back down earlier this week from the central part of its austerity programme in the face of massive public pressure, and you wouldn't rule it out here is Spain.

This is a political crisis and a constitutional one as well.

The authority of the Prime Minister has been undermined, despite the fact that he's only been in office less than a year and has a big majority.

And now the delicate balance of power between Madrid and the regions is being shattered because Madrid is having to say them: 'We must dictate your economic policy; We must tell you how much you can spend'. They don't like that one bit.

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