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British Troops bravery honours

Two soldiers who risked their lives against Taliban insurgents to save the men under their command have been honoured for their bravery, along with a soldier who saved the life of a comrade who lost both legs and severely damaged an arm in a blast.

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Bravery awards for those who face 'mortal danger'

Adjutant General, Lieutenant General Gerald Berragan, will introduce the bravery awards at London's National Army Museum with a tribute to the 107 service personnel being honoured. He will say:

Every day in Afghanistan our service men and women face mortal danger. They do this with the full knowledge of the danger presented by a clever and ruthless enemy.

Although just a small fraction of them are here today I pay tribute to all of them.

This list recognises the achievement and bravery of individuals across a number of theatres of operation but inevitably includes many people who served in Afghanistan last winter under the command of 20 Armoured Brigade.

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