Bravery awards for those who face 'mortal danger'

Adjutant General, Lieutenant General Gerald Berragan, will introduce the bravery awards at London's National Army Museum with a tribute to the 107 service personnel being honoured. He will say:

Every day in Afghanistan our service men and women face mortal danger. They do this with the full knowledge of the danger presented by a clever and ruthless enemy.

Although just a small fraction of them are here today I pay tribute to all of them.

This list recognises the achievement and bravery of individuals across a number of theatres of operation but inevitably includes many people who served in Afghanistan last winter under the command of 20 Armoured Brigade.


British Troops bravery honours

Two soldiers who risked their lives against Taliban insurgents to save the men under their command have been honoured for their bravery, along with a soldier who saved the life of a comrade who lost both legs and severely damaged an arm in a blast.