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Senior judge backs householders

Frightened and furious householders have the right to get rid of burglars in their homes, the most senior judge in England and Wales has said.

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Lord Judge: Homeowners 'are entitled to feel safe'

When you're at home you want to feel safe, and in my view you're entitled to feel safe and secure. This is your haven, this is your refuge, this is where you have the right to be safe.

The burglar takes your property, but even if you're not at home when he takes very little property there is a sense of violation and it destroys peace of mind - and if your peace of mind in your home is destroyed you have lost something immensely precious.

– Lord Chief Justice

A predecessor of mine 400 years ago who said, 'Your home is your castle'.

That's what he is reflecting on.

This is the place where you pull up the drawbridge and the moat makes you safe. Your home is your safe place, so burglary is always serious.

– Lord Chief Justice

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