Grant Shapps denies 'double life' claims

Labour MP Steve McCabe claimed Grant Shapps, pictured, had "multiple personalities and questionable business practices." Credit: PA

Conservative party co-chairman Grant Shapps insisted he is not living a double life as he attempted to explain why he used an alter ego while in business.

The senior Tory said it was normal practice to use a pen name after pictures emerged of him attending an internet conference, shortly before he was elected to Parliament, wearing a "Michael Green" name badge.

He told Murnaghan on Sky News:

"Before I went in to Parliament I used to write business publications and like many authors wrote under a business name.

"I was always very open about it and I actually went to one conference, where that picture was from, it was sort of open fact. It was in my biography, it was in the conference programme."

It was all a long time ago, I've not been involved for a long time," he added.