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Miliband promises tax reversal

Ed Miliband said Labour would reverse the coalition's cut in the top rate of tax from 50p to 45p "if there was an election tomorrow". Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, he also pledged to repeal the Coaltion's NHS reforms.

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Labour to harness Barack Obama grass roots network

The US community organiser who trained a Barack Obama will help Labour develop its own network of activists.

Arnie Graf, who has already done work with Labour, will spend 2013 offering training to local constituency parties.

Deputy chair Tom Watson told delegates at the Labour conference in Manchester: "Community organising isn't new and it isn't rocket science but it does work and we are committed to helping you to make it work in your own constituencies.

"Arnie is an experienced community organiser from America. He's also the guy that trained Barack Obama in community organising."

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