1. Tom Bradby

Labour's Ed Miliband still has questions to answer

The truth is Ed Miliband has to do quite a lot more to convince the country he can be a future Prime Minister.

But let's cast our minds back to a year ago - he was not in a great state then and neither was the Labour Party.

He was only just ahead in the polls despite things apparently being very in their favour at the time.

Things are a little different now.

Labour are 10 points ahead in the polls and a lot of people in Westminster feel he has had a pretty good year in all kinds of ways.

The trouble is that has not really translated to him personally.

If you were looking at them both as brands, the Labour Party is in pretty good shape.

It has detoxified itself pretty quickly after the last election.

People still view it relatively positively, although there are still doubts about it on the question of public finances.

But if you talk about Ed Miliband as a brand it is still one that people don't know.

To the extent that they do know it, they don't like it.

I think he has got a problem there.

He needs to fill in what he is about.

He has been talking about the 50p tax rate.

We think he was promising to reintroduce it.

And there are many questions like that he needs to answer.