Big Brother Watch: Clear rules needed before 'skies littered with flying cameras'

In August, Campaign group Big Brother watch said in response to the National Police Air Service director, Superintendent Richard Watson's comments that drones are "part of the future":

At a time when police budgets are under immense pressure and the public see fewer officers on the beat, is it really the best time to the police to be buying new toys to spy on us from thousands of feet in the air

Supt Watson seems to be willfully ignoring all the evidence about how ineffective CCTV is at stopping crime and the serious civil liberties questions about how these machines could be abused.

We need clear rules that establish what drones can be used and why, before we see our skies littered with flying cameras.


Police could expand drone use

Police should look at using unmanned drones as part of air support plans in the future, a chief constable has said.