Ed Balls: 4G revenue 'to kick-start economy'

Ed Balls (left) goes through his speech with Ed Miliband at their conference hotel in Manchester Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

The proceeds of selling off 4G mobile phone licences should be used to "kick-start the economy" by building 100,000 affordable homes and a tax break for first-time buyers, shadow chancellor Ed Balls will say.

Mr Balls will use his Labour party conference speech to reinforce his message that Labour cannot pledge to reverse coalition spending cuts if it wins power in 2015 or "promise to put everything right straight away".

But he will put pressure on Chancellor George Osborne to ease his austerity programme by using the expected £3-£4 billion windfall from the sell-off next year of the superfast internet spectrum to boost the housing market and construction jobs.


Miliband slams schoolgirl heckler

The Labour leader Ed Miliband has condemned the delegate who heckled a schoolgirl who explained to the party's conference how her academy school encouraged the arts. The person shouted: "A lot of comprehensives do the same."