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Nicklinsons continue legal fight

The family of the late right-to-die campaigner Tony Nicklinson have revealed the latest stage in their fight for assisted suicide to be made legal.

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Locked-in sufferer 'Martin' given go-ahead for appeal

High Court judges announced that a sufferer of locked-in syndrome, known only as 'AM' or 'Martin', who lost his case at the High Court in August, has been given the go-ahead for his action against the Director of Public Prosecutions to be heard by appeal judges.

After suffering a massive stroke in August 2008, he is unable to speak, is virtually unable to move and describes his life as "undignified, distressing and intolerable" - he wants to be allowed a "dignified suicide".

His lawyers said the High Court ruling deprived 47-year-old Martin of "the opportunity to take the necessary steps to end his own life".

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