Report: UK worse for ovarian cancer

Women are less likely to survive ovarian cancer in the UK than in other comparable countries, researchers have said.

The study suggests one reason for the survival rate is that the standard of treatment in the UK, including surgery, is relatively poor Credit: PA Wire

Differences in treatment for advanced ovarian cancer - which has low survival rates in the UK - could explain why the UK lags behind other countries, according to a study.

The study, published in Gynaecologic Oncology, found that in the UK 69% of women survived for at least one year, compared with 72% in Denmark and between 74% and 75% in Australia, Canada and Norway.

Lead author Dr Bernard Rachet said: "The results show that the proportion of women with advanced disease is similar to that in other countries, but that survival for women with advanced disease is much lower.

"This suggests that the success of treatment is lower in the UK, and more effort should be made to ensure that UK women with ovarian cancer have the same access to the best treatments."